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Board of Directors


President: Maj. Gen. Jerry Still, USAF-Ret.
First Vice President: vacant
Second Vice President: Col. Michael B. Vath, USA-Ret
Treasurer: Alvin Thompson, Veteran-USMC
Secretary: Staff Sgt James Reese, PARNG-Ret

Directors at Large

Mr. David Binder, Veteran-USN
Col. Timothy Brooks, PARNG
Ms. Robin Carmody
Mr. Pasquale E. DiLuzio, Jr.
Maj. Richard Hudzinski, USA-Ret
Lt. Col. Charles L. Jackson, USA-Ret
Maj. Nathan Kline, USAF-Ret
Master Sgt. Richard J. Moore, USA-Ret
Dr. Robert X. Murphy
Ms. Dorothy Niklos
Mr. Douglas Reichley
Col. Michael Rosenfeld, USA-Ret
Mr. Jeffery F. Tintle
Col. Shawn A. Welch, USA-Ret
Ms. Natasha Pelak


Other Positions

Appointed Officers

Chaplain: The Rev. Suzanne M. Trump
Historian: Maj. Gen. Jerry Still, USAF-Ret
Legal Advisor: Mr. Bruce Weida, Esq.
Parliamentarian: Vacant
Quartermaster: Tech Sgt Len Spaar, USAF-Ret

Presidents Emeritus

Col. William Harris III, USA-Ret
Maj. Herbert Farnsler, USA-Ret
Maj. Nathan Kline, USAF-Ret


Note: Officers, Directors-at-Large, and appointed positions are drawn from the membership only.