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 … help fund our activities

In addition to volunteerism – we are practically an all-volunteer organization – donations and grants ensure our operations and support our programs and initiatives in our community. It helps make us a driving force for good. Your contribution means a great deal to the organization, but even more to our Lehigh Valley military-veteran family as the funds are used locally and we have a good feel for where funds to help them in meaningful is best spent.

LVMAC is a 501(c)(3) organization. Donations to LVMAC are tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law.

Make a Donation:

Mail a check to:

Lehigh Valley Military Affairs Council

P.O. Box 22522

Lehigh Valley, PA 18002-2522

Checks should be made payable to LVMAC

Become a Sponsor:

Make an annual donation by check to us, give a gift or grant. We’ll list you as a sponsor, if you request it.

Host a Fundraiser:

Arrange and host an event like a golf tournament, a bingo, an auction, a car show, or a concert. Host a backyard picnic. Start a bell jar campaign. Please contact us.



You Can Help!

… by getting involved.

If you are interested in helping our military and veterans locally, one way you can do it through the Lehigh Valley Military Affairs Council.

Join us as a member to network in common interest and have a voice in our organization.  Participate in our programs, projects, and events to help or honor our military, veterans, and their families.  Donate, if you desire, to our organization and its various programs and those of others it supports.  Exchange “goings-on”  with us to better inform our community of military and veterans activities and event.

So?  … Do it!

  • Participate – To participate as a volunteer, click here.
  • Contribute – To contribute through donations and fundraising, click here.
  • Inform – To inform our military-veterans community of events and activities click here.


 ... become a member of a very special organization

There aren’t very many “ecumenical”, regional organizations to attend to the concerns of military veterans.

The Lehigh Valley Military Affairs Council is the region’s largest community-service organization dedicated to awareness of, advocacy for, and assistance to the Lehigh Valley military-veterans community. Connect with others, get access to critical resources, and play a role in tackling issues that impact our military-veterans community. Join LVMAC.

Categories of Membership: One need not be a veteran organization or a veteran to join!

Member Organizations. An organization may apply to become a member of the LVMAC provided:

  1. the organization's goals are in accord with the goals of LVMAC;
  2. the organization is willing to abide by the by-laws of the LVMAC;
  3. the organization is located in Lehigh or Northampton County in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania;
  4. the organization's principal representative has immediate access to a telephone and/or e-mail;
  5. the organization shall provide a postal mailing address where correspondence may be delivered; and
  6. the organization meets criteria as established by LVMAC.

Associate Members.

  1. Entities whose headquarters are not located within Lehigh or Northampton County.
  2. Subsidiaries of an organization.
  3. Those organizations that prefer to be associates.
  4. Individuals.

Voting Rights of Members: Only Member Organizations may vote. Each Member Organization is entitled to only one (1) vote exercised by a designated representative present at a Council meeting.

Membership Dues: None. The cost is effort on your part.

Council Meetings: Once a month. See blogsite for time and place.

Additional Details: See Article 3 of the Bylaws(found under About Us >> Organizaional Documents)

How to Apply

Download, complete, and forward the membership application form. Your application will be reviewed and the Membership Committee will be in contact with you.







… Donate Your Time, Resources, and Skills

If you are interested in donating something other than money, we're interested!! In fact, why join an organization unless you intend to help it along as much as you can. Participate directly.

The Lehigh Valley Military Affairs Council offers many opportunities for involvement. It is not a national organization working from a website. The action is local.

To accomplish what needs be done, it works on a project/program basis using other organizations or through teams and committees. Hard work is often required, but there is also great satisfaction in doing something for others, in the personal growth gained by the experience, and the sense of personal empowerment that volunteer organizations can give: “Yes, I can make a difference.”

Come to our council meetings, talk to it its board members, sit down with a committee chair, and/or read our website/blog site. Keep informed. Bring yourself up to speed. Do not commit yourself unless you are ready.

We strongly recommend you volunteer for committee work on behalf of your organization. The power of networking and mutual assistance to the benefit of the military-veterans community can be enlarged.

Suggest a project you would like to lead. If it fits one of our objectives and resources are not constrained, we will consider it. Realize we are a busy “volunteer” organization always desperate for manpower. Everyone has an idea, so few wish to act on them. Volunteer organizations can give you the opportunity to try if you have the will.

So, if interested in joining a committee, we suggest you contact an officer, chairman, board member, or the administrative office. See Contact Us.



List of Volunteer Opportunities

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