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LVMAC Scholarship Program

(For those from the Lehigh Valley)

Average Annual Scholarship is $1,000

Target Audience for 2014

1. Veterans of working age seeking meaningful first-time civilian employment

2. Veterans of working age seeking meaningful reemployment due to job loss

3. Children of Veterans

4. Children and Un-Remarried Spouses of Service members Killed in Action

5. Children of Non-Veterans who will make an active duty service commitment through ROTC

 Deadline for Submission is 15 May 2014. 

Application period begins 1 March 2014.


Eligibility Rules for Veterans Applying

The veteran applying for this scholarship must have:

  • Entered on active duty (excluding active duty for training) since 1 August 1990
  • Served in one of the armed forces of the United States (to include the Coast Guard during a period of war)
  • Served the full period of active duty obligation unless separated for medical injury connected to military service
  • Was honorably separated or discharged (meaning an honorable or general discharge under honorable conditions was received)

 Application Instructions and Form for Veterans (for Download)

  • Application Instructions for Veterans (Word) (PDF)
  • Application Form for Veterans (Word) (PDF)


Eligibility Rules for Others Applying

The individual applying  for this scholarship must be: 

  •  A high school senior or student attending an approved training site (e.g. college or trade school)
  •  A child of a veteran who served on active duty since 16 October 1981; a child or un-remarried spouse of a service member killed in action; a child not a dependent of a veteran but enrolled in Advanced ROTC at a college or university for the purpose of completing an “active duty” commitment; or a graduating high school senior not a dependent of a veterans and joining an ROTC detachment upon entering college or university and intending an active duty commitment

Disclaimer: Children of veterans do not obligate themselves to any military service by applying for or accepting a LVMAC scholarship.

Application Instructions and Form for Others (for Download)

  • Application Instructions for Others (Word) (PDF)
  • Application Form for Others (Word) (PDF)